Devious Records

Devious Records is owned and managed by rap artist Syndrome a.k.a Bill Basi. Originally outta San Diego, California, Syndrome now resides in the UK, but continues to release West Coast inspired party tunes, and collaborates with numerous hip hop artists on a truely international scale…

On his album ‘International Paperchaser’ Syndrome worked alongside Daz Dillinger who featured and produced songs on classic Dr Dre (Chronic), Snoop Dogg (Doggystyle) and 2pac (All Eyes On Me) albums: number one selling multi-platinum albums released on Deathrow Records. Syndrome brought in a lot of former Deathrow Records rappers to feature on collaborations with him on the ‘International Paperchaser’ release.

The 1st video release (Summertime) was a cartoon video created by The Los Angeles Video Animation Company. Syndrome brought in female Westcoast legend CMG of the Conscious Daughters, contributing to the feel-good summertime G-Funk sound, also featuring guests DJ AK, Sabotawj and Khavel-X.

After months of radio / club play throughout Europe and the US ‘Summertime’ reached the number seven spot on Chuck D of Public Enemy’s radio show in New York (And Ya Dont Stop) Radio which can also be heard on

Syndrome released his 2nd video ‘Citylife G-Funk Remix’. This video from the album saw Syndrome, Daz Dillinger, EDI from 2pacs Outlawz group, Khavel-X, Sin2 n Mo Dee all travel the world as cartoons representing all their respective cities and country’s. Both songs were produced by Khavel-X.

The same Djs that had supported ‘Summertime’ now got behind ‘Citylife G-Funk Remix’ and the single appeared on mixtapes by The Legendary DJ Ron G who has produced songs for Jenifer Lopez, 2pac, Notorious Big, LL Cool J, Kelly Rowland from Destinys Child and many more industry names.

For the follow up video to ‘Goin The Distance’, Syndrome wanted it to be filmed around the world in real life and the locations included London UK, California and New York USA – Syndrome brought in The Legendary DJ Ron G, Bossolo, Sabotawj and producer DJ Unik outta France.

‘Goin The Distance’ made the Number 1 spot on G-Funk Vibez Radio in Milan, Italy. Syndrome followed up next with the ‘Independents Day’ video, filmed in USA, UK, Canada and France – again bringing in Westcoast hip hop legend Bossolo, DJ AK and DJ Unik on Production.

All released independently under his label Devious Records, Syndrome works with a team of producers in nine countries, always looking to create the next big record!